Enhance your Nose By Turbinoplasty

Turbinoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove the turbinate bones in the nasal passage. It is generally performed to let go the side effects and symptoms of nasal obstruction. Turbinoplasty is aimed to treat nasal turbinate enlargement. Nasal turbinate enlargement is often caused by nasal allergies and a main cause of nasal congestion. Turbinoplasty is not a primary treatment option for nasal obstruction or congestion. Basically it is treated with medication but when medicines are failed to treat then surgery is suggested. The turbinate’s can be reduced in the size and repositioned to permit a large nasal airway by surgery. The surgery is known as turbinoplasty as the turbinate are reshaped and repositioned by performing the surgery. The surgery is also known as a turbinectomy that includes the removal of turbinate bones in the nasal passage.turbinoplasty

The causes of developing turbinate bone are different problems that are associated with nose such as allergies that swell turbinate bone. The patient feels difficulty in breathing and nasal congestion due to inflammation in these bones.

Correcting the turbinate bones by surgery can improves breathing and reduces snoring at night. Turbinoplasty increases the healing rate and reduce the amount of crusting, after the surgery. A turbinoplasty is an outpatient procedure. Turbinoplasty is performed by using any of following methods.

·         Out fracture approach

·         Coblation

·         Extra mural turbinate reduction

Risk factors of turbinoplasty

·         Allergic reactions to medications

·         Infection

·         Bleeding

·         Formation of crusts or scar tissues inside the nose

·         Difference in the sense of smell

·         Fluid build-up in the nasal passages

The turbinoplasty is not recommended if

·         The turbinate’s are bulky and causes blockage in the nasal passages.

·         Suffering with severe allergies

·         Deviated septum

·         Vasomotor rhinitis

·         Worsen nasal obstruction or congestion

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