Tympanoplasty Surgery mumbai

How strong is the eardrum after Tympanoplasty?

A single hole in the eardrum can cause hearing loss. But the intensity of hearing loss mostly depends on the size and position of the hole. Tympanoplasty is a process of reconstructing the perforated eardrums. This treatment involves grafting in which fat is harvested from the back of the ear and used to fill up or reconstruct the damaged eardrum. Generally, tympanoplasty is done under local anaesthesia, but if the amount of damage is too much the procedure gets longer. In that case, general anaesthesia is performed. The entire procedure can be done scar less through endoscopic procedure through the ear canal.

Now the very question arises how much does the eardrum improve after the surgery. The condition of the eardrum after surgery depends on several factors.

Tympanoplasty Surgery mumbai

Factors affecting the success rate of Tympanoplasty

  • The viability and strength of the eardrum post-surgery completely depends on the location & size of the perforation. Other things on which the strength of the ear-drum depends are:
  • The age of the patient at the time of surgery.
  • The previous record of adenoidectomy
  • The amount of infection at the time of the surgery.
  • The state of contralateral ear.
  • Age of appearance of the first perforation.
  • It’s true that there is always a difference between “God-made” and “Man-made”.

Tympanoplasty helps to seal the perforation, but on the other hand, it does not assure that one will be able to hear absolutely clearly just like naturally one used to do. Proper maintenance is required post-surgery. According to present research, it has been found that almost 81% patients have achieved successful results. So if you get treated at the right point of time and the doctor has good experience and skills, you can achieve maximum results after the surgery.

Tympanoplasty Surgery mumbai

The best clinic that offers Tympanoplasty

Headed by Dr Shailesh Pandey, AUM ENT clinic is one such destination that provides the most advanced and effective Tympanoplasty Surgery in Mumbai. The clinic aims at giving high-class quality services to its patients. The surgery helps to reduce the recurrent infection and hearing problem to a great extent. One can feel the difference after a few weeks of the surgery.

So if you are looking for hearing loss treatment in Mumbai, visit the website and get an appointment at the earliest.

Mail Us : aumentclinic@gmail.com
Book Your Appointment Here : aumentclinic.com/book-appointment.php


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